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Seasonal Highlights


Poor weather can make it difficult to get to Staffa in winter, but Fingal's Cave is open all year round. Its wild beauty is haunting at any time of year.


The seabirds arrive in late April and you can see rafts of puffins collecting at sea before they come ashore to nest. Staffa is the nesting place for a range of species including fulmars, shags and gulls.


Summer sees the island turn pink with the beautiful deep pink drifts of sea thrift flowers. The puffin chicks have hatched and the parents take it in turns to feed the chicks at the nest burrows.


The island is quieter in autumn as the seabirds take their leave. The puffins have flown off the mid-Atlantic for the winter and the island is battered with fierce autumn storms.  Grey seals come ashore on the beaches to give birth to their pups (October).

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