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Loch Fleet

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Seasonal Highlights


In spring look out for ospreys as they soar over the estuary plunge-diving for fish in the shallows. The dunes start to bloom with the yellows, pinks and purples of birds-foot trefoil and delicate wild pansy. Noisy terns arrive from Africa to their coastal nesting grounds, and can be seen diving for small fish in the estuary.


The old pinewoods are dotted with delicate twinflower, creeping lady's-tresses and the candle-like flowers of one-flowered wintergreen. Butterflies flit around the dunes and the harbour seals are pupping within the estuary.


Autumn welcomes the arrival of hundreds of winter wildfowl, such as greylag geese, wigeon and waders like dunlin and bar-tailed godwit. Try not to disturb them as they feed on the estuary. Fascinating fungi flourish in autumn including the rare toothed fungi which have a strong association with old pine woodlands.


Winter is quieter on the reserve and this is a good time to see the winter wildfowl and otters in undisturbed tranquillity. The grey and soft greens of the lichen take over as other vegetation dies back and long skeins of geese fly overhead in their characteristic v-shapes.

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