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Red Deer stag on Rum NNR. ŠLaurie Campbell/SNH. For information on reproduction rights contact the Scottish Natural Heritage Image Library on Tel. 01738 444177 or

Fianuis stormbeach. ŠAndy Robinson/SNH. For information on reproduction rights contact the Scottish Natural Heritage Image Library on Tel. 01738 444177 or

Rum - research facilities

Accommodation: Kinloch Castle is the only accommodation provision on the island currently. It provides hostel style accommodation and is open to the public so it can be fully booked. Availability, costs and capacity etc can be got from Linda Hoejlund, Castle Manager on Tel. 01687 462026.

Camping is the only other option with a basic camp site in Kinloch village run by the Isle of Rum Community Trust. It has showers and toilets and is pretty basic otherwise. There is a small charge per person per night. Details from the Community Trust office: 01687 462404.

Facilities: There is a room in the basement of the Castle referred to as the "Lab" and can be used by researchers, visiting groups etc but the title of "Lab" is somewhat grand; it is a basic room needing refurbishment with a projector screen, a sink and worktop units. There really is a very limited amount of field equipment for researchers to use; the advice is to bring anything you think you'll need as it's a long swim back to the mainland!

Transport: as far as transport onto the Reserve we will always try to assist if we can with lifts however, we are a skeleton crew here, very thin on the ground so we never promise to give lifts. If we have staff going out and there is space we do try to co-ordinate with researchers to give lifts if we can. Rums track are so rough we usually do not allow private vehicle onto the Reserve. All our vehicles are raised and armoured to take the punishment and we don't have the time to tow in the broken remains of private vehicles! The tracks, such as they are can get you to the Kilmory area in the North and the Harris area on the west. Most places on Rum require a long walk and research project planners need to factor the time in to get to site, be prepared for all weathers and to get themselves safely back out again. We have large numbers of researchers coming each year to study the Reserve and we try to accommodate their needs by offering advice and practical help where possible. The best thing is always to make contact early on to get advice talk through plans with Reserve staff.

Rum Reserve Office Tel: 01687 462026.

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